Brooke Jette

Brooke Jette

Congratulations to today’s winner, Brooke Jette, one of our Outstanding Women of 2022!

Nominated by: The Middlebury Community!

“Brooke Jette is amazing. She is integral to the success of the student body at Middlebury Union High School. Brooke cares deeply about what she does and the students she works with.” – Amey Ryan 

Brooke’s Outstanding Achievements Include: 

  • Working as a Prevention Specialist and counselor at Middlebury Union High school making a huge difference in the students lives by always creating a welcoming space for them. 
  • Running the Peer Leader Program at Middlebury Union High School connecting older students with younger students in the school community. 
  • Coordinating a Secret Santa program for students in need where members of the community can sponsor gifts for these kids during the holidays. 
  • Organizing an annual yard sale to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis research.