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Lauren Weston

Lauren Weston

Congratulations to today’s winner, Lauren Weston, one of our Outstanding Women of 2022!

Nominated by: Sam Saunders

“Lauren strives to help provide information and support others on what we can do to help preserve our natural resources. Lauren is trying to help preserve a place for our children and families to live.” -Sam Saunders

Lauren’s Outstanding Achievements Include: 

  • Serving as District Manager for The Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation District working with farmers and land managers to address environmental problems and helping them access resources to support them in sustainable farming and land management.
  • Serving as board member of the Vermont Healthy Soil Coalition, working across the state of Vermont on soil health practices, and bringing awareness and energy to other statewide environmental issues. 
  • Working as part of the Everyone Eats program during the COVID 19 Pandemic connecting farmers, restaurants and consumers to get healthy meals out into the community.
April Lambert

April Lambert

Congratulations to today’s winner, April Lambert, one of our Outstanding Women of 2022! Nominated by Misty McGrail “April is so selfless and will help anyone just out of the kindness of her heart not expecting anything in return.” – Misty McGrail April’s Outstanding Achievements Include:  Working with local children and families as a PCA.  Working…Continue Reading

Gigantic Indoor Flea Market

Sunday, December 11 from 8:30 AM – 2 PM. The Gigantic Indoor Flea Market features tag sale items, crafts, antiques, and more, and is a great opportunity for those looking to buy – and sell – bargain merchandise and related goods. Doors open at 8:30 am – shop until 2 pm!  $3 admission at the…

Illuminate Vermont

Friday, December 16 & Saturday, December 17 from 4 PM-8PM. On a dark, December night, Illuminate Vermont shines bright with the power of artistic expression and celebration.